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This Song From Day6 Is For Those Who Are *Struggling* Right Now


Yesterday, May 11, South Korean rock band Day6 dropped their latest album The Book Of Us: The Demon, with "Zombie" as their title track. Don't let the title throw you off, though—it sounds nothing like The Cranberry's hit song.

In "Zombie", Day6 sings about the struggles of blindly reaching for a dream that isn't there, to the point where you're just walking on a path other people believe you should take.

Check out their latest music video here:

Day6 isn't your average K-pop group with choreography and vocals. They're an actual band complete with vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, and a drummer.

According to The Korea Herald, the five-piece band's agency, JYP Entertainment, announced that they will be temporarily suspending activities due to the members suffering symptoms of psychological anxiety.

The agency immediately conducted medical examinations and the fans have shown their continued support during this difficult time for the band.

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