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Doug Kramer Is Retiring From The PBA After 12 Years

'It has given me so much, and my way of leaving is to give others a chance.'
PHOTO: Instagram/dougkramer

Basketball player Doug Kramer made a big announcement on his Instagram account yesterday, November 15. After 12 years with the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), he's retiring.

"I started playing basketball for the love of the game and I'm retiring because I respect the game," he started his heartfelt post. "It has given me so much, and my way of leaving is to give others a chance. My slot will be a dream come true for the next player up."


He shared that it was a conscious decision he made at a time when he's still physically fit

"I'm leaving knowing I'm still healthy, with no major injuries throughout my career," he said. "I don't want to wait 'til my body is breaking down, or 'til mentally I'm drained of the daily routine of training. I'm moving on because I choose to do so."

"Basketball is not forever."

"And I never made it to become my only avenue. It's very temporal. I'm 36 years young and still so much to do."

Doug shared how thankful he is for his PBA basketball career because of all the travel opportunities it has given him. He also revealed that had he not played basketball, he would have joined the military, which he said was the original plan mid-high school.

He also credits basketball for meeting his now-wife, Chesca Garcia-Kramer.

"If it weren't for basketball, I wouldn't have been able to play for Ateneo in Manila and eventually meet Chesca in my sophomore year," he said. "No Chesca means no Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. What a different life I would have led if it weren't for this sport."

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"Lastly, If it weren't for the Lord in my life, basketball and everything else wouldn't make sense. I want to give God more opportunity to work in my life, and what better way than leaving my comfort zone. I'll do what I can, God will do the rest."

"To end, here's a favorite quote of mine. 'A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.'"

"So I'm leaving knowing one thing. The ball is in my hands."

His good friend and fellow basketball player JC Intal had an equally moving post reminiscing memories with Doug and wishing him the best with his retirement.


"You are retiring as a winner not only in basketball but in life," JC said in his post. "You are an MVP as a family man, a teammate, and friend on and off the court. I'm grateful we got to be teammates in your last years in the PBA."

Doug replied with his own post to thank JC, saying, "We originally planned to retire together, but you still have so much to give, and I respect that. You're an amazing friend."


All the best to you, Doug!