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Elmo Magalona Personally Apologized To Janella Salvador's Mom Amidst Abuse Allegations

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on November 8, 2018!
PHOTO: Instagram/myrrhlaoto

1. Elmo Magalona apologized to Janella Salvador's mom 

During an interview for TV Patrol, Jenine Desiderio revealed that Elmo Magalona personally apologized to her for the incident where he hit her daughter, Janella Salvador. “In fairness, he apologized personally three weeks after the incident. After talking to the Star Magic people, he texted me asking me if he could talk to me. I granted his request, the following day nagkita kami and yun we had a one on one," Jenine shared. “That’s when he promised me about the public apology. That didn’t happen.”

When asked if they had plans to file legal action, Jenine said that she could not answer the question at the moment. 

2. Bretman Rock is releasing a makeup line in collaboration with Colourpop 

YouTube star Bretman Rock has a new partnership with Colourpop Cosmetics! In an interview with Refinery29, Bretman said that his collection is a mash-up of two of his greatest loves: makeup and the Philippines. The Bretman Rock x ColourPop collection is split into two parts, "Lit" and "Wet," which is inspired by the Filipino flag's color palette of red and blue. One of the warmer colors for "Lit" even includes a shimmering shade called "Bading!"

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The collection will officially be released on November 9.

3. Ariana Grande has released the music video for "Breathin"

While everyone is still reeling from her latest single "Thank U, Next", Ariana Grande has decided to drop a new music video, this time for "Breathin." Throughout most of the video, Ari walks through a crowded train station while people rush all around her, a scene which matches the song's message about struggling with anxiety. In the end, she ends up swinging through the sky surrounded by a bunch of clouds! 

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4. Vanessa Hudgens will be starring in a Christmas film as a princess  

In Netflix's latest Christmas film, Vanessa Hudgens plays Stacy De Novo, an American baker who bumps into Duchess Margaret who —OMG— happens to look exactly like her in London. Because she hates the spotlight and wants to be a "normal girl," Margaret switches places (and lives) with Stacy for two days! The film promises to give us a handsome prince, a white christmas, British accents, and horseback riding.

The Princess Switch will be available for streaming on Netflix starting November 16. 

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman to win a seat in congress

This year's midterm elections in the United States became more memorable because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York just became the youngest congresswoman ever at 29 years old! Alexandria's platforms for NYC include universal healthcare, free tuition for olleges and universities, and renewable energy. (People

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