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Enrique Gil Reveals That He Bought Liza Soberano's Tickets For The BTS Concert In Hong Kong

We wish all boyfriends were as supportive as him!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

We recently gushed over Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano's fangirling moments at the BTS Love Yourself concert in Hong Kong. Although Liza is obviously the bigger fan, we were surprised to learn that Enrique has the ARMY fan chant memorized, too!

What we didn't know was that Enrique was actually the one who purchased those tickets just so Liza could finally see her favorite K-Pop group perform live.

During an interview with PUSH, Enrique shared, "I got the tickets 'cause si Liza and my sister [Andie Gil], they are really big fans of BTS. Umiiyak kasi sila noong weekend because they were trying to get tickets for the Wembley Stadium (London), e hindi po sila nakakuha."

"They were waiting online, on cue for four hours pero hindi sila nakakuha. As in feeling ko sa ibang bansa mas malakas ang internet for some reason. So I was able to get the tickets sa Hong Kong sa tito ko. [I said], 'Tito, patulong naman diyan sa Hong Kong.'"

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Here's a pic of Enrique with Liza and his sister Andie: 

This piece of news is just too much to handle, honestly. Boyfriend goals, am I right?

Liza and Enrique confirmed their relationship in February 2019 during an episode of Gandang Gabi ViceThey soon talked about their first real kiss on Tonight With Boy Abundawhere Liza revealed that Enrique gets super nervous when it comes to kissing scenes. Aww!

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Why so cute, you guys??! 

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