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Erwan Heussaff Explains How He And Anne Curtis Survive Being Apart All The Time

His sweet, smart, sticky tip: Don't be a suman.
PHOTO: Instragram/erwan

We’ve been following how Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis have been extremely busy lately: Anne, fresh from her concert tour in Canada, went to visit Australia to see her mom, while Erwan was on an immersive trip in Southern Philippines. It seemed like each of them was jetting off somewhere on solo work trips. For the past 23 days, the married celebrity couple were in a pseudo LDR, and we wondering how they were coping. 

Erwan uploaded a post on his feed that explained the dynamics of their time apart: “Excited to see this lady today. We haven't seen each other in 23 days! I always get messages about why we're not constantly together. It's because Rule #78 of the #bulliedhusbandsclub handbooks states that serious couples need to be able to support each other regardless of distance and schedules. Both people in a relationship need to be able to grow and pursue their careers, all while being each other's cheerleaders. I’ve seen way too many toxic relationships where people end up blaming the other party for missed opportunities.”

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Yes, yes, a million times yes. We totally agree with Erwan. Couples even in the most committed relationships have to give each other space to pursue their own dreams, careers, and passions. This may mean time apart and differences in interests, and you know what, that’s perfectly okay.

Erwan explained further: “Macho men, your wife deserves to chase their dreams as much as you do. Ladies, vice versa. Just make time and be present, whenever you can.” Being the foodie that Erwan is, he even made a food analogy: “Be like basmati rice grains, fluffy and free. Don't be a suman,” pertaining to the sweet but sticky kakanin.

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Take heed, girls (and gents). This is the way to survive those jam-packed days. Remember to pursue passions apart from the relationship—even if your passions may keep you apart from time to time. 

Anne replied to Erwan’s post, saying, “Can’t wait mon amour! FINALLY! Almost there! But just for the record, mahal kita maging suman ka man!” Lol. Even we’re looking forward to their reunion. Have fun, lovers!

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