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Here's How Marvel's *Very First* Sex Scene In 'Eternals' Happened

Here's How Marvel's *Very First* Sex Scene In 'Eternals' Happened

*This story contains major spoilers for Eternals, which is currently in theaters in the US. Read at your own risk!*

Eternals is officially in theaters (outside the PH), and it has one thing no other Marvel movie has: a sex scene. Director Chloé Zhao spoke about the sex scene between Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden) during an interview with Variety, saying "We win!" when it was pointed out that Eternals was the first Marvel Studios movie to feature two characters getting intimate.

Chloé said that the scene between Sersi and Ikaris was "in the treatment" for Eternals before she joined as the film's director, and explained that "You can't tell a mature love story if you're not gonna do some kind of…It's lovely to see two people show physical affection for each other—a kiss, make love."

Oh, and FYI the scene was filmed on location at the end of the day to capture that ~perfect sex scene lighting~. "Gemma and Richard, they did such a great job [with] the last bit of light we have," Chloé said. "It's very tasteful. You can feel the genuine love they have for each other."


Chloé also confirmed that she didn't get any pushback from Disney about the sex scene, saying "When we put it together, we showed people at Disney, and they really loved it. It was beautiful. And there was no discussion of taking it out."

Eternals will presumably hit Disney+ at a later date so stay tuned!


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