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5 Videos Of Local Celebs Eating Really, Really Well

side to side photos of anna cay eating king crab and kim domingo's seafood mukbang

In the last few months, I've noticed that more and more people are trying doing their own mukbangs—including some of your favorite local celebrities and influencers. ICYDK, a mukbang is an "eating broadcast," a concept that originated in South Korea. Originally, people earn money while they eat a ton of food in front of a webcam for a live audience online. But these days, some are just trying their own for fun! 

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Everyone's getting creative with their mukbangs, too. Before quarantine, Janine Gutierrez and Rayver Cruz did one and played a couple's game so their fans could get to know them better. Sisters Ivana and Mona Alawi's mukbang served as a Q&A naman, and it's hilarious; they've done a few more since then. If you're looking for more recommendations, here are five of my personal favorites from local celebs, ranked. 

  1. Mariel Padilla's mukbang

    There's something about the way Mariel Padilla introduces each dish, like parang sarap na sarap na siya sa food kahit 'di pa siya kumakain. I also love the presentation kasi kitang-kita talaga lahat. That stuffed pusit? Yes. That inihaw na sugpo? Please! Cherry on top of the cake yung wala siyang pake sa hate comments na binabasa niya
  2. Barbie Forteza + Jak Roberto's mukbang

    This one made it on the list because it's simple but it's such a hit: That spicy noodles and king crab legs combo does the job. Jak Roberto prepared everything, cooking the crab legs with butter, garlic, sugar, salt, and everything nice. I'm also truly appreciative of the two-camera setup because of the closeup shots. Amazing! 
  3. Ivana Alawi + Alex Gonzaga's mukbang

    Another impressive spread, Ivana Alawi and Alex Gonzaga join forces for a mukbang-prank video that'll make your day. Ivana pranks her family and pretends to be jealous about the special treatment Alex is getting; meanwhile, Alex fakes an allergy—all while casually feasting on king crab, tiger prawn, corn, and potatoes. 
  4. Anna Cay's mukbang

    I am *OBSESSED* with Anna Cay's king crab mukbang for two reasons: 1) I, too, love drinking Coke (Light) with an absurd amount of ice when I'm eating well and 2) She pairs the crab with a sauce consisting of butter, Old Bay seasoning (magic), onions, garlic, lemon, and a tiny bit of sugar—basically all my favorite things. And a pair of scissors cutting through the crab legs? ASMR heaven. 

  5. Kim Domingo's mukbang

    I'm just going to say it: No one eats like Kim Domingo. On this list, hers is probably the closest to a "traditional" mukbang because she eats more than she talks. And she doesn't hold back! Kim takes big bites, which is very popular among mukbang fans, and she takes a bite of everything in front of her. 


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