French Journalist Sexually Assaults A Woman On Live TV

Jean-Michel Maire kissed a woman's right breast on air.

French journalist Jean-Michel Maire is in hot water after he sexually assaulted a female dancer during a live TV game show 35 Hours of Baba.

According to a report from Metro, Maire and the 21-year-old Soraya were initially reenacting the recent robbery on Kim Kardashian.

Soraya acted as Kardashian while Maire, who is also the game show’s panelist, played the role of her rescuer.

After the performance, host Cyril Hanouna asked in jest whether Maire deserved a kiss from Soraya as he ‘rescued’ her.

Soraya, who wanted nothing of it, flatly said 'No' which prompted Hanouna to ask why.

“It’s because people are watching in the audience,” she said. Maire replied “Well, we can do it backstage.”

Following this exchange, Maire tried to steal a kiss from Soraya but she was able to turn her head away. Maire went on to instead smooch Soraya’s right breast which was exposed due to what she was wearing.

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The incident caused an outrage on social media, particularly on Twitter where netizens said Maire’s actions were clearly a brazen sexual assault.

Maire for his part has apologized in a brief tweet.

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