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WATCH: Gabbi Garcia And Khalil Ramos React To Assumptions About Their Relationship

The 'LSS' stars have a 'very chill relationship.'

In Gabbi Garcia’s latest vlog, she and boyfriend Khalil Ramos react to fans’ assumptions about their relationship and their individual selves. Here are a few things we discovered about the couple who’s starring in the movie LSS:

  1. Khalil had a crush on Gabbi first. Aww!
  2. Gabbi is not spoiled. In fact, “she’s kuripot to herself but generous to others,” said Khalil. Gabbi said, “I started working early so I know the value of money and how hard it is to earn. Hindi kami maregalo sa isa’t isa.”
  3. Khalil is not a fan of public displays of affection, preferring to show his sweet side in private. “What’s important is that you’re aware of each other’s love languages,” he said.
  4. Gabbi is an extrovert and Khalil is an introvert.
  5. Khalil is proudly “weird” and Gabbi loves that about him.
  6. Khalil is the last person who’d tell Gabbi what to wear or be controlling in any way. “When the situation calls for you to be protective, like if something happens or someone hurts her, saka ka papasok because you don’t want to interfere with her growth as a person.”
  7. Neither one of them is “under.” Gabbi said, “For me, bakit ka mang-u-under ng partner? You want to be dominant? You want to be in control? E di sana nag-solo ka na lang.” Yes, they argue like any other couple, but dominance is “not embedded in the everyday dynamics of the relationship.”
  8. They were both the jealous type in previous relationships but now think that being overly jealous is “a waste of energy.”
  9. They have a “very chill relationship,” according to Gabbi. Khalil said, “It all goes back to bakit ka ba parte ng relationship na ‘to? It will follow e, all your actions. We came into the relationship not wanting to make the same mistakes like before.”
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