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Gretchen Ho Would Like To Be Excluded From The Julia-Bea-Gerald Narrative

For one, Julia is NOT her niece.
PHOTO: Instagram/gretchenho, Twitter/gretchenho

A good day to everyone who stayed up late last night because of Julia Barretto's controversial Instagram post where: 1) She revealed she and Joshua Garcia have not been together for four months, 2) She clarified that she was not the cause of Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo's breakup, and 3) She accused Bea of being a bully and turning her breakup into a "national concern," among other revelations.

The online world was, safe to say, EPICALLY *LIT* because of this latest development and many, many people voiced their opinions about this issue. One of the most notable celebs to chime in was none other than Gretchen Barretto, Julia's very own aunt.

Gretchen declared she was with #TeamBea through two Instagram comments. She wrote in a comment, "TEAM BEA FOR THE WIN." Gretchen also claimed that Julia hired a ghostwriter for her IG post, saying, "THE FACT THAT THEY HIRED A [GHOSTWRITER] FOR THIS POST IS HILARIOUS & MAKES HER SOUND DESPERATE TO SALVAGE WHATEVER IS LEFT."

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A collective gasp in three, two, one.

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Well, one celeb who did not want to—and should not—be dragged into this whole issue is another Gretchen: Gretchen Ho. The ABS-CBN host-slash-athlete, who in no way is related to the Barrettos whatsoever, took to Twitter this morning to politely excuse herself from the narrative because people have been mistaking her for being Julia's aunt.

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"*Left the group*," she cheekily wrote in her first tweet. The next was a screenshot of all the DMs she's received by angry fans who've accused her of not siding with her "pamangkin."

"Hindi na po Gretchen ang pangalan ko. Ktnxbye," said the-star-formerly-known-as-Gretchen. LOL. *face palm*