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Heart Evangelista Canceled All Her Fashion Week Appearances Amid The COVID-19 Outbreak

She made the decision back in January.
PHOTO: instagram/iamhearte

As a growing familiar face in the international fashion scene, Heart Evangelista has been known to be a mainstay in Fashion Week activities in recent years. But she was noticeably absent in any of the Fashion Week events last month, particularly Paris and Milan Fashion Week. Well, Heart cleared up speculations and tweeted why she didn't attend any of the shows she was scheduled to doand it has to do with "safety reasons."

"For those of you asking or concerned, I've decided last January to cancel all of my Fashion Week trips for safety reasons. That's why I was absent during Fashion Week. I pray for everyone's safety. God bless us all," she wrote.

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With a dramatic increase of those affected by the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 worldwide, it's safe to take every precaution we can. And this means skipping events that draw in large crowds, like Fashion Week. Italy, where Milan Fashion Week is held, just overtook South Korea as the country with the most number of COVID-19 cases outside of China. The Italian government also imposed travel restrictions all over the country to stop the spread of the disease.

Stay safe, everyone!