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Heart Evangelista And PAWSsion Project Help Give A Homeless Man And His Dogs Their Forever Home

What a moving gesture!

On November 18, Heart Evangelista posted on Twitter that on her way home, she met a homeless man named Kuya Jun who was being guarded by four Aspins which Heart called his “angels.”

Heart’s photo came with a caption that read: “If you see him along Gilmore, say hello. His name is Jun… A hero, an inspiration.”

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Fast forward to December 1, Heart and animal rescue group PAWSsion Project worked together to give Kuya Jun an early Christmas present: His very own home that he can share with his furbabies!

In an Instagram post, PAWSsion Project wrote, “Today was a [happy], emotional, heartwarming, and life-changing day as we officially welcomed Kuya Jun and his dogs to the shelter. HOMELESS NO MORE!”

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The group shared that Kuya Jun had very simple wishes: A place where he can be with his dogs and clothes he can use to go to church. PAWSSion Project added, “We were all in tears when he cried for joy seeing his home and everyone else at the shelter giving him the warmest welcome.”

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Kuya Jun said that every day, he prayed for a home for him and his dogs.

The group also thanked Heart for helping give Kuya Jun a home. They said, “It was all because of you that we now have this amazing new member of our family. God really is amazing to have used all of us in making this happen.”

Heart also shared the good news on Twitter as she wrote, “Happy Sunday, kuya! Welcome home sa inyo ng mga babies mo. [Hindi] na kayo mauulanan. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and to kuya for being an inspiration. You deserve the world.”

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Heart, who is an animal welfare advocate, has also rescued her own cats and dogs, namely Mina the Puspin and of course, the internet-famous aspin Panda.

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