Here Are More Pics That Prove Hiddleswift Is Here To Stay

Yes, yes we can see it now!
PHOTO: Instagram/teamhiddleswift

We’re sure a lot of people wished the coupling of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston never, ever happened. For most of you Hiddleswift haters (Admit it, you guys exist), it’s like you tried to block out any trace of those images of them kissing in Rhode Island. (We know ya’ll don’t need a refresher on that one.)

It all started when the two danced the night away in OG Taylor Squad bestie Selena Gomez’s Nashville concert. They were spotted leaving the venue with their hands clasped real tight:

A day after, Hiddleswift went out for lunch with friends and had a romantic dinner for two that same night. Look how matchy-matchy their outfits are!


We know, we know. Some of you have dreaded seeing these pics. But hey, a girl can date whomever she wants to date, right? Even if he’s your precious Loki.  

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