These Are The Highest-Paid YouTubers In The World

Imagine having both Jeffree Starr's pay cheque AND makeup collection.
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Forbes has released its annual list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world and, in 2018, it's been topped by a seven-year-old. Yes, you read that correctly.

The YouTuber who earned the most money this year was Ryan, the American star of Ryan ToysReview—a channel with 17.3 million subscribers where he reviews toys online (and has been doing so since 2015)—and has amassed an estimated $22 million (P1.16 billion) over the past year.

Other notable names on the list include makeup supremo Jeffree Star, who was ranked fifth on the list (which might help explain those controversial outrageously extravagant purchases) and Logan Paul, who still managed to earn enough to be make the top ten despite the huge backlash he received over that so-called Suicide Forest video earlier this year.

Forbes calculates earnings from June 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018 based on available data as well as interviews with industry insiders. Here's who else the money magazine determined as earning the most money from their videos.

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10. Logan Paul 

He's earned... $14.5 million (P767.42 million)

How he's made his money: Despite the scandal that threatened to derail his career earlier this year, Forbes reports Paul's earnings have actually increased. This is due to money from YouTube ads before the scandal and his merchandise line, Maverick.

9. PewDiePie

He's earned... $15.5 million (P820.35 million)

How he's made his money: One of the original video game commentators (he's oldest video is a Minecraft commentary from 2010), Felix Kjellberg has 72.5 million followers and now focuses more on Youtube and popular culture commentary. A few media scandals haven't stopped him making money from advertising as, according to Forbes, advertisers can pay the Swedish YouTuber up to $450,000 (P23.82 million) for a sponsored video.

8. Jacksepticeye

He's earned... $16 million (P846.81 million)

How he's made his money: Sean McLoughlin is Ireland's most popular YouTuber and is another star of the platform who commentates video games. According to Forbes, he's also worked on a series for Disney and has other partnerships in the works.

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7. VanossGaming

He's earned... $17 million (P899.73 million)

How he's made his money: The voice behind the animated characters is Evan Fong, a Canadian gamer who plays games like Call of Duty online and has 23.9 million subscribers.

6. Markiplier

He's earned... $17.5 million (P926.20 million)

How he's made his money: The Hawaii native has had a YouTube channel since 2012 and specialises in playing PS4 games online to his 22.4 million subscribers. He's also been on a tour of North America this year, signed a seven-figure brand deals and released an athleisure line, according to Forbes.

5. Jeffree Star

He's earned... $18 million (P952.66 million)

How he's made his money: Jeffree has been YouTubing for a long time (his first video was in 2010) and he has 11 million subscribers. He's also co-founded Jeffree Star Cosmetics which Forbes estimates brings in $100 million (P5.3 billion) per year thanks to its palettes, lipsticks, and highlighters.

4. DanTDM

He's earned... $18.5 million (P978.12 million)

How he's made his money: British gamer Daniel Middleton is best known for his gaming videos which show him playing, usually, Minecraft or Fortnite on camera. He's also completed a tour and has a range of merchandise.

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3. Dude Perfect

They earned... $20 million (P1 billion)

How they make their money: The five men do (quite impressive, actually) tricks on camera which garner a whole lot of views meaning dollars in advertising and sponsorship.

2. Jake Paul 

He earned... $21.5 million (1.13 billion)

How he makes his money: The younger brother of Logan raps and carries out pranks on YouTube. He also has a line of merchandise.

1. Ryan ToysReview

He earned... $22 million (P1.16 billion)

How he makes his money: Thanks to his high video views, young Ryan can earn a lot from advertising, according to Forbes. He also shares sponsored posts and has a toy collection at Walmart called Ryan's World.


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