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Have You Ever Had A Hurtful Breakup *Without Closure*? Time To Watch 'Hintayan Ng Langit!'

Why You Should Watch Pinoy Movie Hintayan Ng Langit

Good day and welcome to another film that is bound to touch your heart and make you cry. Hintayan Ng Langit is a 2018 film about Lisang (Gina Pareño), a *grumpy* lola who causes trouble in purgatory. She's about to leave and finally go to heaven when she is ~forced~ to share a room with her ex-boyfriend Manolo (Eddie Garcia)! 

hintayan ng langit

Why you should watch it: 

I am a sucker for love stories, relationships where there are so many ~words left unsaid~, and tension-packed scenesand this film checked all those boxes! Lisang and Manolo are "in the middle" AKA purgatory, and even though they're already in their 70s, they still have all the baggage from their youth. This movie's for everyone who's had a hurtful breakup without closure, those who are obsessed with thinking about the "what ifs." If you're someone who just CANNOT LET THINGS GO, watch Hintayan Ng Langit right now. 

Another thing I love about the movie is the ~intricate~ afterlife they created: people can look back on their memories while watching old VHS tapes, they have "support groups" for the newly deceased, and they have a special place where they can enjoy all the good things they used to love on Earth. 

And ICYMI, the movie is actually adapted from Juan Miguel Severo's one-act play and is directed by Dan Villegas

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Here are some memorable quotes from the film (*spoiler alert*): 

  • "Alam mo ba kung bakit sigurado akong mahal kita? Dahil araw-araw kitang pinili." 
  • "Siguro, talagang hindi mo ako minahal. Dahil hindi mo 'ko kayang patawarin."
  • "Hindi ka lang marunong maghintay!" 
    "Dahil hindi ko alam kung may dapat pa ba akong hintayin."
  • "People always say, 'I want to leave a mark in this world.' But what really matters is the void we leave behind." 
  • "Sa'yo, sa'yo ako nasusunog. Mararamdaman ko pa ba ito sa langit? E puro sila masaya at kuntento na roon. Kung mawawala ang lahat ng dalahin doon, paano na itong nararamdaman ko sa'yo? Ito yung pinakamabigat! Ito yung nagpaparamdam sa akin na buhay pa ako. Tapos mawawala rin? Ayoko."

BRB, wiping my tears. Hintayan Ng Langit is currently available for streaming on Netflix. 


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