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An Honest Review Of 'Something In The Rain'

It's an against-all-odds love affair!

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Something in the Rain centers on the life of Yoon Jin-ah (played by Son Ye Jin) a single woman in her mid-30s. She works as a manager for a coffee franchise company and lives with her parents. She finds it impossible to find a man that truly cherishes her and doesn't take advantage of her. She spends most nights drinking her troubles away with her best friend, Gyeong-seon (played by Jang So Yeon).

One day, Jin-ah runs into Gyeong-seon's younger brother, Jun-hui (played by Jung Hae In). He came back home after working abroad for a while. Jun-hui ends up working in the same building as his noona (how Korean guys refer to their older sisters and to women who are older than they are). Jin-ah and Jun-hui find themselves getting closer over lunch breaks at work. Eventually, they get caught in an against-all-odds love affair (the odds being Jin-ah's BFF, parents, officemates, and ex-boyfriend).


The Short, Honest Plot

A young-looking guy—who, tbh, is not that young—falls in love with a noonawho is not that old. They develop their feelings unwittingly. Since it's not really a conventional relationship, they have to hide it from the guy's sister (who is also the heroine's BFF) and her family until they either fess up or break up.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Son Ye Jin as Yoon Jin-ah

Ye Jin has starred in more movies than television dramas. The gorgeous actress became famous in Korea for films like The Classic (2003), My Wife Got Married (2008), The Truth Beneath (2016), and The Last Princess (2016). She recently top-billed the film Be With You (2018) with So Ji Sub. Among the romance-themed series she starred in are Alone in Love (2006) and Shark (2013).

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Jung Hae In as Seo Jun-hui

It's almost impossible for Hae In to not be on your radar if you're a K-drama fan. He was the minor character Tae Hee-oppa in Goblin (2016-2017) and the epitome of the second lead syndrome in While You Were Sleeping (2017). Before Something in the Rain, he starred (and won a Popularity Award!) in the comedy series Prison Playbook (2017-2018).



Jang So Yeon as Seo Gyeong-seon

So Yeon has played various roles—usually mature ones—in dramas before. She most recently played the helpless mother of Kim So Hyun's character (So-yoon) in While You Were Sleeping.

Did You Know?

  1. Is it Something in the Rain or Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food?! Don't be confused! The former is the international title of the K-drama (and the title adopted by Netflix). The latter is the literal translation of its Korean title (and the title used by most Korean and Asian websites). The series was shown by Korean cable network JTBC and is distributed in other countries (including the Philippines, yay!) as a Netflix Original.

  2. Did you know that Hae In also appeared in the hit series Reply 1988 (2015-2016)? He played Ho-young, the middle school friend of Deok Sun (Lee Hyeri's character) who she used to make Jung Hwan (played by Ryu Jun Yeol) jealous. Yes, he was yet another attractive young man that the heroine liked, similar to his Tae Hee-oppa role in Goblin. LOL!

  3. Something in the Rain was Hae In's first lead role in a TV drama, but his first lead role ever was in The Age of Blood (2017), a film set in the historical Joseon dynasty era. In this movie, he was definitely far from the sweet good boy image.

  4. The award-winning PD Ahn Pan Seok, who was behind Secret Affair (2014) that starred Yoo Ah In, directed the drama. In an interview, he reveals that Ye Jin and Hae In were his first choices for Something in the Rain.

  5. With their ~*intense*~, borderline nakakainggit on-screen chemistry, Hae In and Ye Jin couldn't escape the dating rumors. Some even dubbed them the next Song-Song couple because of their age gap and possible romance IRL. When asked, both of them denied dating—such a BUMMER! But there's still hope since Hae In revealed they contact each other freely after filming the drama and even teased, "You never know what might happen." (Song-Song got engaged a year after their drama, so the countdown begins, eh? No pressure!)


What Fellow Fans Think:

"This is not a usual K-drama series na 'yung set-up is mas matanda dapat lalaki. Dito baliktad, mas matanda si girl kay boy. Haha! Since mas matanda na nga si [Jin Ah], mararamdaman mo dito kung paano mag-sacrifice para sa magulang o pamilya, tipong kaya mong tiisin yung sariling feelings para wala silang masabi sa'yo. Nakakabilib din yung character ni Jun Hui kasi hindi talaga isyu yung edad. Yung patience niya at love for his girl is above and beyond kahit madaming hadlang sa pag-iibigan nila. Well, given na si Jung Hae In yung [gumanap], magaling talaga!"—Mary Jane Cinco

"The news about Jung Hae In as a lead role in a K-drama made me excited! Second lead to lead REAL QUICK! Finally! Something in the Rain makes me more into him and proves how great an actor Jung Hae In is. The plot is simple, a bit cliché, in fact, but the characters made an impact in every scene. Every episode is a beautiful torture! May mas iro-romantic pa pala si Joon Hui kaysa kay Woo Tak!"—Jane Capinpin


"I watched the show to see more of Jung Hae In, and he certainly delivered for his first lead role. The series is never short of kilig scenes with noona Son Ye Jin. It's basically a mix of romance and drama that will leave you wanting for more. And after watching the series, Jung Hae In definitely raised the bar for all boyfriends out there!" —Mari Beronio-Ortega

What I Think:

After seeing him as Woo Tak in While You Were Sleeping, I couldn't help but become a fan of Hae In. I think a lot of girls had a bad case of SLS (second lead syndrome) like I did. So when I did a Goblin re-run recently, Tae Hee-oppa seemed ten times cuter. When Something in the Rain was being promoted before it premiered, I was so excited to see more of him—with a lead role in a romantic TV drama, finally!


I wasn't disappointed—he was all charms and sexiness in this series. Like his portrayal of Tae Hee and Woo Tak, Hae In was believable as the effortlessly attractive Joon-hui. You'd really think he was head over heels for Jin-ah and that he's really a passionate and protective boyfriend. Of course, he had his faults—not caring what others would say and being too hot-headed—but it doesn't make him any less loveable. (And it can make you so thrilled that he's holding a fan meet in the country soon!!!)

What I didn't expect was to be girl crushing on Son Ye Jin! I couldn't believe that Jin-ah was "undateable" in the drama because Ye Jin looked equal parts innocent and seductive (don't get me started on those sexy legs! LOL!). But she did play her character believably. She had a hollow life until Jun-hui turned it around, and she acted like a lot of women would in the crises she faced.


Out of all the themes of the drama, though, the most relevant one for me was how Something in the Rain addressed sexual harassment in the workplace. They showed it as how it sneakily occurs: When a handful of women wouldn't let men take advantage of them—but then would just let fellow women suffer through it to avoid conflict with the higher-ranking men in the office. It also showed how crucial it is for the victims to speak up and address the issue in the proper avenues, similar to what's happening now in the U.S. and locally.

(P.S. The drama's resolution to the issue wasn't that strong, but we women really do need to take a stand and report sexual harassment in and out of the workplace. If your company's management and the authorities are too intimidating, there's Gabbie. This anti-harassment chatbot created by Gabriela Philippines can help you sort it out.)


Despite touching on sexual harassment, plus the age gap issues, and all the secrecy involved in the plot, Something in the Rain is just a light romance. It's perfect for sulky days when you want to feel better and you're okay with some cheesiness. For me, it's even a perfect nightcap, especially with the soundtrack and Hae In's adorable eyes and smile to lull you into sleep and induce sweet dreams.

I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone who agrees that "sometimes, it's hard to be a woman" and knows it's even harder when you're "giving all your love to just one man"—whom your parents and bestie don't even approve of!

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