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Hot Ateneo, La Salle Fans Correct Your FALSE Assumptions About MEN

See the hunky spectators and athletes we spotted at last Sunday's basketball match between rivals. They put our biggest man-misconceptions to rest.

Sometimes, we just can't help but make generalizations about ALL guys based on the ones we've dated and the things we've heard from friends, movies, and stuff we read. But, of course, just because we jumped to a certain conclusion doesn't necessarily mean it's true. Since Cosmo is the expert on men (we've even devoted our annual September issue to that subject), we made sure to get the truth right off the stud's mouth (pun intended).

We saw the opportunity to ask hot men about this sizzling topic at the Ateneo-La Salle UAAP men's basketball game last Sunday, August 28, at Araneta Coliseum. The long-time rival schools met for the second time on the basketball court this year (click this link to see their first, and find out what they think of the rivalry), and we were treated to a packed crowd dressed in blue and green, with a good crop of hotties on and off the court. In the end, Ateneo fans went home happy with the Blue Eagles' 79-62 win over the Green Archers.

A little UAAP trivia before we move on to our Guyspotting gallery: Ateneo's 17-point victory is tied for the fourth most lopsided win by either team since 1994. (The biggest winning margin is 25 by Ateneo in 1996!) To give you a better picture, prior to Sunday's game, the average Ateneo-La Salle margin since 1994 was only 9.3 points!

During the game, we scouted for cuties in the crowd (as we always do for our UAAP Guyspotting section!), and asked them right off the bat: "What's the worst FALSE assumption you've heard girls make about men? And what's the truth?"

Launch the gallery to view these hot guys (including your beloved 2009 Cosmo Centerfold Gerald Anderson) and their answers. Plus, see the likes of Simon Atkins, Kirk Long, and Nico Salva on the court!

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