You've Been Pronouncing Ariana Grande's Last Name Wrong

Straight from Ariana!
PHOTO: Instagram/arianagrande

With a newish man in her life and an album that's everything we needed this year, Ariana Grande has been the talk of the town lately—especially after her stunning performance of "God Is A Woman" at MTV's 2018 VMAs

But even with a name that popular, we found out that there's one more surprising thing about Ariana not a lot of people know about: Her last name isn't pronounced the way you think. 

In an interview with Beats 1, Ariana answered host Ebro Darden's burning questions, including whether or not the singer plans on hyphenating her name once she gets married: Ariana Grande-Davidson? 

At first, Ariana said that she might just want to be called "Ariana," but quickly changed her mind: "I have to keep Grande, because my grandpa, I think of him with everything I do, and he was so proud of our name." In the same conversation, Ari revealed that her last name is not actually pronounced "Grahn-day": "My grandpa said Gran-dee... Gran-dee was kind of the, I guess, Americanized version of it, you know? Made it more chill... And then my brother was like, 'We should say Grahn-day. It's so fun to say it. It's funny. It's a funny name'... I grew up saying Gran-dee and I think of my grandpa, and I wish I said Gran-dee more."

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