Hugh Jackman And Other Celebs Show Support For A Suicidal Boy With Dwarfism

'Quaden—you've got a friend in me.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/thehughjackman; (RIGHT) Twitter/S11E11B11A

Celebrities are sharing their messages of sympathy and support for a nine-year-old boy who has been a victim of bullying.

On February 18, young Australian Quaden Bayles went viral after his mother Yarraka Bayles shared a video of her son after a bullying episode. Quaden, crying, shared suicidal thoughts as his mother spoke about the countless times her son has been bullied for his condition and for being an Aborigine, or an original inhabitant of Australia.

"I want someone to kill me," Quaden said in between sobs.

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The video troubled and touched the hearts of many, including celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Mark Hamill, among others.

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"Quaden, you're stronger than you know, kid," said Hugh on his Twitter account.

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"The cruelty is as astonishing as it is heartbreaking," reacted Mark on Twitter.

An outpouring of support has also been given by Australia's National Rugby League, as they asked Quaden to lead them out onto the field before an All Stars match.

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"It's every parent's worst nightmare losing their babies and for me, that's my reality every day," said Yarraka in an interview with ABC News. "The suicide attempts are very real and people don't understand that," she added. 

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