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The 'I'm Drunk I Love You' Sequel Is Going To Be Set In 2022!

And Jason Ty still drinks beer, obviously.
PHOTO: Im Drunk, I Love You/TBA Studios

Guys, the sequel to the 2017 film I'm Drunk I Love You is officially happening! In October, director JP Habac shared the announcement on Twitter and get this: it's going to be called I Love You, I Do. From the looks of it, it's like someone's getting married, huh? Will it be Carson? Dio? Maybe it's Jason Ty!

The first film, also know as IDILY, tells the story of college best friends Carson (Maja Salvador) and Dio (Paulo Avelino) who take a trip to La Union before graduation with their fab buddy Jason Ty (Dominic Rocco). Carson is secretly in love with Dio, and has been keeping it to herself for seven years. Yes, SEVEN FREAKING YEARS.   

The movie is also where we first saw a ~hawt~ Paulo in a UP sablay

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The film's official Twitter account has been making paramdam recently. A heart and ring emoji? Yes, we're living for it! 

Last night, the account tweeted a photo of the script's first page, with the caption, "Who's ready to jump into the future?" The pic shows the year 2022 in big, bold letters and the first line says, "...Jason Ty, 30, at may hawak na beer..."

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So, are we ready for I Love You, I Do? Here's our answer:  

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