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You Guys, The Indonesian Remake Of 'Kita Kita' Has A Philippine Release Date!

It will premiere on November 13 in Philippine cinemas!

The Indonesian remake of the highly successful Filipino indie film Kita Kita called Cinta Intu Buta (Love Is Blind) will be released in the Philippines!

On Facebook, Viva Films announced that the film will open on November 13 in cinemas around the country. Viva Films shared the Indonesian remake’s trailer below:


The original film, directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, stars Alessandra De Rossi and Empoy Marquez. Released in 2017, the quirky rom-com became the highest-grossing independent film earning P300 million in the box office and was made with a budget of just P10 million. 

Meanwhile, the Indonesian remake premiered on October 10 and stars Shandy Aulia as Diah and Dodit Mulyanto as Nik. While remakes often borrow heavily from the original, Cinta Itu Buta still has its own unique flavor. The remake was shot in South Korea, while the original film was shot in Japan. It also borrows familiar scenes like characters dressed in heart costumes, padlocks, and sharing homemade food.

Sigrid, who went to the Indonesian remake’s screening on October 8, wrote a raving review of Cinta Intu Buta. She said, “It was an overwhelming experience to watch a remake or adaptation of your own film. I was holding back my tears all [throughout] the movie.” Thanking the film’s Indonesian director Rachmania Arunita, Sigrid added, “Thank you for putting your own flavor to the film which made it different but still true to the intention of the material.” 

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