The Complete Instagram History Of Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth's Renewed Romance

From cryptic ring shots to 'The Last Song' #tbts.
PHOTO: Instagram/mileycyrus

It took one January 2016 Instagram shot with a flashy engagement ring to formally ignite rumors that after hanging together in Australia, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were really giving their romance another go. (The two had parted ways officially in 2013 after a beyond-cryptic relationship/engagement cycle.) A year and a half later—and after several months of playing coy—the two have made their relationship Instagram official and a standard feature of their feeds. Here, all the times they've secretly and not-so-secretly appeared in one another's posts.

July 10, 2017: The Miley-Liam Selfie

July 6, 2017: The Last Song First Kiss Throwback

June 9, 2017: "Inspired" Cover Art, Taken by Liam

May 11, 2017: More Liam-Taken "Malibu" Art

May 11, 2017: The Miley "Malibu" Video Regram

May 10, 2017: The Liam-Taken "Malibu" Cover Art

Feb. 27, 2017: The Liam Oscar Throwback

Feb. 14, 2017: Liam's Valentine Day Couple Shot

Feb. 14, 2017: The Liam and Miley Valentine

Jan. 13, 2017: Miley's Birthday Post to Liam

Jan. 1, 2017: Miley and Liam's New Year's Kiss

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Dec. 31, 2016: Miley Posting Her New Year's Crush

Dec. 29, 2016: Miley and Liam Visiting Kids at the Hospital

Dec. 26, 2016: Miley With Liam and the Fam

Dec. 26, 2016: Miley's Regram of Liam's Shot

Dec. 25, 2016: The Christmas Couple Shot

Dec. 25, 2016: Another Christmas Couple Shot

Dec. 24, 2016: The Christmas Eve Couple Shot

Nov. 23, 2016: Liam's Birthday Post to Miley

Nov. 23, 2016: Liam's Birthday Present for Miley

Nov. 23, 2016: Liam's Birthday Surprise for Miley

Sept. 8, 2016: The First The Last SongThrowback

Aug. 1, 2016: Liam Makes a Vocal Appearance on Miley's 'Gram

July 18, 2016: The Instagram Official Shot on Liam's 'Gram

July 17, 2016: The Instagram-Official Shot on Miley's 'Gram

June 19, 2016: The Hemsworth T-Shirt

June 4, 2016: Liam Also Appears in Miley's Feed for the First Time in the Same Old Photo

June 4, 2016: Miley Appears in Liam's Feed for the First Time Albeit in an Old Photo

May 5, 2016: Miley Cuddles With Dora, Signaling She and Liam Are a Thing

Jan. 18, 2016: The First Ring Shot

Nov. 17, 2015: Liam Poses With Dora, the Rescue Dog Miley Helped Him Adopt

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