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Iya Villania Had Fun While Doing Her Hidilyn-Inspired Weightlifting Workout: 'Olympics ang peg!'

'Haven't done snatches since late 2018, but after our gold, we just had to this morning.'
PHOTO: instagram/iyavillania

On the night of July 26, 2021, the whole Philippinesand Pinoys all over the world celebrated the historic win of Hidilyn Diaz at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The 30-year-old athlete won the country's first-ever Olympic gold in the women's 55-kilogram weightlifting category. It's only been a few days since then, but she's already inspired so many of us to do better and work harder in our livescelebs included!

The very next morning after Hidilyn's Olympic win, Iya Villania took to her home gym and got inspired to do a weightlifting workout ala Hidilyn, but with her "baby barbells"! In a series of Instagram Stories, Iya documented her workout and wrote, "This morning's Olympic lifting action inspired by our GOLD medalist @hidilyndiaz. Who else did some barbell work today after yesterday's win??"

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"Haven't done snatches since late 2018," she added. "But after our gold, we just had to this morning."

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Iya then moved to heavier weights and jokingly wrote, "This is merely 25% of what @hidilyndiaz lifted in her snatch!"


In her last post, she poked fun at herself doing the snatch: "It felt so much snappier when I was doing it but watching this…apparently not so! Olympics ang peg!"

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She went on to rave about Hidilyn's performance at the Tokyo Olympics, saying, "The snatch is such a technical lift. Watching @hidilyndiaz kill it the way she did with that weight just makes it all the more amazing!!! Mabuhay ka! Our first friggin' GOLD!!!!"

Here's a cool throwback to 2017 when Iya did a 105-pound snatch:


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