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Iza Calzado Marks A Year Of Being COVID-Free: 'I recognize that every breath is a blessing'

'May you also find something to live for and fight for just like I did.'
PHOTO: Instagram/missizacalzado

It's been a year since Iza Calzado recovered from COVID-19, and she marked the anniversary by sharing words of gratitude and hope on IG.

"It was exactly a year ago when I was discharged from the hospital after 11 days of fighting this deadly virus we are now very much familiar with—COVID-19," the actress began her post, which featured a photo of her enjoying a dip during her 38th birthday, and another of her wearing a nebulizer mask in 2020.


"Now I am exactly where I wished I could be at that time and that is home," she continued. Iza urged everyone to "fight to survive," even amid physical, mental, spiritual, or financial hardship.

"You have been given an opportunity to live when so many have lost this chance," she said. "I hope you find something to be grateful for no matter how small it is. May you also find something to live for and fight for just like I did when I was in the hospital and now that I am home."

She took the opportunity to give thanks to the frontliners who took care of her when she was still in the hospital, as well as her loved ones for emotional support.  "All of this would not be possible without God’s mercy and grace so I am most grateful for Him," she added.

"I don't know what lies ahead," she shared. "Yes, there is so much uncertainty and anxiety, but I recognize that every breath is a blessing and for as long as I have this gift I will continue to fight to survive and, yes, thrive. I pray you do, too. Love and Light, always!"

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On March 25, 2020, Iza revealed that she had been hospitalized for pneumonia and that she had been tested for COVID-19. On March 30, her talent manager Noel Ferrer confirmed that she had already tested negative for COVID and could go home. 

In June 2020, Iza donated her convalescent plasma to help with the treatment of those with severe cases of the disease.


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