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WATCH: Jak Roberto Pretends To Forget Barbie Forteza's Birthday

And she cried, huhu!
PHOTO: Youtube/Jak Roberto

In 2017, Barbie Forteza confirmed her relationship with Jak Roberto, a fellow Kapuso actor. She told reporters in 2019, "No matter how hard you try to keep things to yourselves…there's social media now. Wherever you go, other people will still see you and take photos. Also, hiding it might make us appear as if we're denying each other. I don't want that." Since then, it's been nonstop kilig for all their fans.

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After being together for years, it's safe to say they know each other really well—including what to do if gusto nilang mangasar, hehe. In a vlog uploaded on August 6, Jak pulls a major prank on Barbie: He pretends to forget about her birthday! And Barbie's mom even played along! 

The night before, Jak didn't contact Barbie and used "editing" as his excuse. He also didn't greet her at midnightsomething he does every year along with posting on social media. (But he did set up a camera inside her house, lol!) Barbie greeted Jak at the door, looking so, so happy, and he said, "Ang ganda mo naman!" He made small talk about editing, the pandemic, the weather, and her joy disappeared when she realized he forgot her birthday. Pretending to leave to have his car washed, Barbie said, "Pagka-car wash mo kaya, umuwi ka na?" 

After a few minutes, with a bouquet of roses in one hand and her gift in the other, Jak finally decided to reveal that it was all a prank! Barbie couldn't help but cry. When he asked if she was okay, she said to the camera, "Hindi niya kasi ako binati," and proceeded to cry some more. Aww! The two eventually shared a laugh and celebrated Barbie's birthday with her family. 

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Watch the entire prank below:


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