Jasmine Curtis-Smith Responds To Body Shamers Telling Her She's 'Too Skinny'

'I'm eating clean.'
PHOTO: Instagram/jascurtissmith

When you're in the public eye, people tend to be over-critical of youespecially when it comes to how you look. If you get "bigger," people assume that you're pregnant. If you lose weight, you're either sick or on drugs. When you're a celeb, you need to master the art of "deadma" or stand up and face the scrutiny like a pro.

Take Jasmine Curtis-Smith, for example. Jasmine is currently in Los Angeles, California enjoying some down time with her big sis Anne Curtis. But a simple vacation post turned out to be a cause for concern for netizens who couldn't stop commenting on her weight loss.

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One said, "Why do you look so thin?" Another pleaded to the actress, "Please don't lose more weight." And one was more unforgiving, telling Jasmine, "You look older."

Jasmine quickly addressed the comments and admitted to losing weight due to "physical activities." She commented, "Hi all! Yep, I lost quite some weight recently, nothing to be concerned about. That's what happens when you're all around at home, at work, and at life. And I've been eating fairly clean lately. Been living without any househelp and siguro 'yung katawan ko nabigla sa physical activities. Don't worry, am working to get some [meat] back on!"

The 23-year-old further said, "P.S. Please don't make me feel bad for how I look!"

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