Jordyn Woods Is Making So Much Damn Money

Yep, she doesn't need the Kardashians.
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There seems to be a misunderstanding about Jordyn Woods, so let's clear it up right now. Jordyn does not (!!!) and never did (!!!) need the Kardashians to put money in her bank account—no matter what narrative America's First Reality Family wants to push on TV.

And while, yeah, being Kylie Jenner's Best Friend™ obviously helped Jordyn grow her platform, she's always had career opportunities outside of the Kardashian world. To be honest, the very fact that Jordyn has been killing it since the cheating scandal unfolded proves just how well she runs her own life. But in case you need proof in the form of numbers, let's dig in.

First, let's talk Keeping Up With The Karda$hian$

Okay, so the questions on everyone's minds are: 1) Was Jordyn making money as a KUWTK costar and 2) did she get a bonus for allowing this cheating scandal drama to play out in the finale? The answers: almost definitely yes and who the hell knows.

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The Kardashians have never revealed how much money friends like Larsa Pippen and Jonathan Cheban make from the show, but obviously, no one is going to spend all day filming for free. So let's go ahead and assume Jordyn was cashing checks for her earlier "work" on the show. But when it comes to her payout for the recent episodes that focus on the cheating scandal, logistics get a little murky. Personally, I'm convinced Jordyn got paid. Why? Well, remember how Tristan Thompson's image was blurred this season and Jordyn's was not? Khloé herself confirmed that the blurring meant he had refused to sign a contract, which implies Jordyn *did* sign one, so presumably, she got paid for her work. But again, this is just a theory!

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Reminder: Instagram pays big

Jordyn has 10 million followers on Instagram (not just because she's friends with Kylie, thank you very much!), and obviously, she dabbles in the fine art of sponsored content. It's unclear exactly what Jordyn makes per post, but it's pretty easy to guess based on her fellow influencers. Thanks to scheduling tool Hopper HQ's 2018 Instagram Rich List, we know influencer Zoe Sugg makes around $16,000 (P821,664) per post, and she has around the same follower count as Jordyn. Seems safe to assume that Jordyn earns a similar rate.

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Awkward, but Khloé "employed" her

First up: Jordyn is a professional model. She signed to Ford as a literal child (as in, BEFORE SHE KNEW KYLIE), and in addition to working with Yeezy and Express, she modeled for Khloé's brand Good American. Khloé definitely paid her—something Kim made super clear on KUWTK when she said, "We were kind of just watching it all unfold. Jordyn was someone Khloé really trusted and believed in and supported and employed."

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Like, fine, but the idea that Khloé was somehow providing for Jordyn—which Kim's quote kinda implies—is pretty off base, not to mention borderline rude! A basic Google search tells us that Jordyn was modeling long before Good American came around, and one shoot doesn't exactly qualify as employment.

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FYI, Kylie didn't make her rich

Everyone out here assuming that Kylie paid for Jordyn's life needs to step back for a moment and remember that Kylie and Jordyn are friends because they run in the same Calabasas-rich-person circle.

Kylie and Jordyn lived in the same zip code, hung out at all the same places, and had the same celebrity friends even before they became BFFs. To assume Kylie just plucked Jordyn out of obscurity and started paying her bills—and to ignore the fact that Jordyn and her family worked hard for their money—is incorrect and also pretty problematic!

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She has her own clothing line

It's called SECNDNTURE, it's size inclusive, and it's super cute. The brand just launched its summer collection.

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Aaand, she collaborated with Kylie

Remember the Kylie x Jordyn collection? Yeah, well, obviously, Jordyn didn't sign her name and image away for nothing. Who knows how much moola she made in total, but the collection did really well (even though Kylie temporarily slashed prices after the scandal, LOL).

P.S. Kylie Cosmetics is just one of the many companies Jordyn has collaborated with over the years—others include BooHooAddition Elle, and the fake eyelash brand Eylure.

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She's a freakin' actress now

Jordyn is making her first major acting debut on an episode of Grown-ish, and hell yes to her breaking into completely new territory that has *nothing* to do with the Kardashians.

Side note: Jordyn seemed totally unbothered in a recent interview with ET, saying, "Life moves on. Money doesn't stop, world doesn't stop, and hopefully, everyone is just, you know, going forward."

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So, what's her total net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that'd be $6 million (P308 million), which is approximately $6 million more than I have, so yeah. SHE'S DOING JUST FINE!


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