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7 Movies Starring Josh Whitehouse Of 'The Knight Before Christmas'

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PHOTO: (LEFT) Knight Before Christmas/Netflix, (RIGHT) Modern Life Is Rubbish/Serotonin Films/Modern Life Pictures/Piccadilly Pictures

We know you're dying to see more of your new crush Josh Whitehouse, so we prepped a list of his movies for your holiday binge-watching pleasure! 

1. Northern Soul (2014) 

In this indie film set in 1974, Josh plays Matt, a British native who introduces his friend John (Elliott James Langridge) to night clubs and Northern soul music. The movie is "a love affair between mostly white British working-class kids and the fast-paced dance music of urban black America."

2. Alleycats (2016) 

Set in the world of illegal bike racing, a courier named Chris (Josh) stumbles across the brutal murder of a young woman while delivering a package, and he soon finds himself in grave danger.

3. The Receptionist (2016) 

Josh plays the boyfriend of Tina (Teresa Daley), a literature graduate from Taiwan who's trying to find work in London. Unable to get someone to hire her, Tina starts working as a receptionist at an illegal *massage parlor*, where she comes face to face with the hardships that Asian prostitutes go through.

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4. Modern Life Is Rubbish (2018) 

Hollywood Reporter writes that this film "focuses on a failing relationship between an aspiring musician and the girlfriend paying their rent." Josh plays pretty boy Liam, a struggling musician who meets Natalie (Freya Mavor) at a record store.

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5. The Knight Before Christmas (2019) 

In this holiday film, Sir Cole (Josh), a medieval knight, mysteriously turns up in present-day Ohio on a *quest*. He meets a science teacher named Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens) who helps him navigate his way through 2019.

6. Valley Girl (2020) 

A remake of the 1983 comedy musical, Valley Girl stars Josh as punk rock musician Randy, the main love interest of rich and popular valley girl Julie (Jessica Rothe). Randy was originally played by Nicholas Cage. Watch the OG trailer below: 

7. The Happy Worker (Coming Soon)

According to Deadline, Josh plays a man named Joe who lives in a utopian community. He's a "reluctant hero" eager to please his wife and his boss when he suddenly finds himself "thrust into a position of power to save what he and others have spent years building." 

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