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Juan Karlos Labajo To Miss Universe Philippines First Runner-Up Maureen Wroblewitz: 'Ikaw parin ang Miss Universe ko'

So cute!

Juan Karlos Labajo was the most supportive boyfriend to Miss Pangasinan Maureen Wroblewitz during the Miss Universe Philippines coronation night on September 30. 

It was obvious that Juan Karlos was tuned in to the competition as he amused his followers with several Facebook updates that showed him rooting for Miss Pangasinan. 

In his first post, Juan Karlos said, "Ang ganda nung taga Pangasinan na candidate sa Miss Universe PH. Grabe, tapos balita ko, ang bait at talino pa daw, jusmio."

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In his next post, Juan Karlos commented, "Mayghad. Everytime umiikot si Ms. Pangasinan umiikot din yung mundo ko."

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The singer followed up with another hilarious post that read, "Chicken is so good after I eat chicken I become a chicken. Speaking of chicken, chicken lang yan kay Ms. Pangasinan." 


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While Maureen did not win the coveted Miss Universe Philippines crown, she did manage to win as first runner-up. Win or lose, Juan Karlos had the cutest reaction to the results: "Congratulations kay Miss Pangasinan!!! Ikaw parin ang Miss Universe ko."


Juan Karlos, who's reportedly Maureen's first boyfriend, has been ever-so-supportive of the beauty queen even before her Miss Universe Philippines journey. 

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In an Instagram post in June, the singer said, "Palagi mong tandaan na ako'y andito lang na walang sawang susuporta sa lahat ng gusto mong gawin sa buhay."

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