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Julia Barretto Gets Real With Erich Gonzales: 'I am very much in love with the peace I gained just recently'

The besties play a game of 'True or False' for Erich's vlog!
PHOTO: YouTube/Erich Gonzalez

We all know that Julia Barretto(22) and Erich Gonzales(28) have a super clingy friendship! In March, Erich was there to hold Julia's hand during a minor eye procedure she had. They've also declared they "tell each other everything" and don't have any secrets from each other.


On June 1, Erich released a video of them together for her latest vlog episode! They played a game of "True or False," where Erich asked Julia a series of questions to help us get to know her better. From the vid, we learned that Julia is a hugger, she's attracted to smart people, she's a hoarder, and that she can't sleep without her old security blanket that's already 22 years old! 


On to the hard—and deep—stuff: Julia said that there are times when she fears marriage, but there are certain phases in her life when she believes in it! If she's going to get married, she wants to have her wedding before she turns 30. 

Julia also shared that when she falls in love, she goes all out and it even reaches a point where she doesn't remember to leave anything for herself anymore! She said, "At a pretty young age, I have been tested and I have been through so much. If you experience falling in love easily, you kind of learn to guard your heart. I know how to protect it already after having been through so much."

For her final question, Erich asked, "Julia is in love right now. True or false? Please answer."

Julia, completely taken off-guard, said, "Wow. I would have to say, true. I am very much in love with the peace I gained just recently. It's not with anybody... I'm not trying to say that I'm not in love with anybody. I'm just in love with the peace that I gained." 

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She explained that she lost her peace because of certain *toxic* people in her life that she needed to stay away from. She said that it takes a lot of courage and strength to acknowledge that fact and prioritize what's good for herself and her future. 

Julia added, "Now, I have peace. It's been good at work, it's been good with my friendships with other people, and my relationship with my family. Sila ang unang-unang makakapagsabi kung you're being yourself. For a while kasi, hindi na ako myself. So now I'm in love with the person that I am, [the person] that I found." 

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