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Julia Barretto On Her Love Life: 'I'm not gonna answer that question ever again'

Julia answered fan questions during a mini mukbang.
Julia Barretto in a white dress

Totally loving the fact that Julia Barretto's been releasing more videos on her YouTube channel since quarantine began. This time, she kept it casual by answering fan questions during a mini mukbang aka one of my favorite things to watch in this world. We get almost five minutes of Julia enjoying her Panda Express feast of chow mein, orange chicken, and broccoli beef. At the two-minute mark, she does a little dance after her first bite of orange chicken, and I've never related to her more. 


We find out a few things about Julia during the Q&A: Her favorite piece of clothing is a pair of jeans or anything denim; her favorite city is Los Angeles; on her day off, she's just eating and lounging at home. On what she enjoys most about living by herself, the actress shares, "Everything. I love the peace. I love the quiet. I love the freedom." The Q&A ends abruptly when Julia says, "Why is everyone asking about my love life? I'm not gonna answer that question ever again." And honestly, she has every right to keep her personal life private.

We're hoping to see more of Julia's life through her vlogs. In an interview with Bianca Gonzalez-Intal for Cinemanews, the 23-year-old revealed that because of quarantine, she's had more time to learn how to run her own YouTube channel: "My YouTube last year was handled by a team, so all I had to do was show up to shoot. Now, I'm like a one-man team. I'm shooting. I'm editing. I'm posting, and I'm taking care of my entire YouTube. So many things I learned, and just the simple things like what when you learn, you feel you're so independent."

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She added, "It's a simple thing but it's nakaka-proud because it's not something [I] ever found time to do before. Now, if you see the good feedback and you see how well your channel is doing, parang the feeling is more rewarding."


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