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Julia Barretto's Morning Routine Is So, So Relaxing

Suddenly I want eggs, cherry tomatoes, and turkey sausage patties for breakfast.

We're absolutely loving the fact that Julia Barretto is starting to upload more videos on her YouTube channel. Her latest one, a vlog about the actress' morning routine, is a perfect watch if your day is off to a rough start and you need to slow down.

At around 8:30 a.m., Julia starts her day by fixing her bed and washing her face. She then heads to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast: eggs, cherry tomatoes, and turkey sausage patties. 

Quarantine has me obsessing over kitchen appliances despite the fact that I live in a 20-sqm condo with no actual kitchen so I couldn't help but admire what appears to be a KitchenAid mixer on her counter. Love! 

Julia opens up about the back pain she's been experiencing: "I think it's mainly because I don't stretch well enough before and after I work out. Or another factor is because I have just been working out at home all by myself and I'm not getting the proper guidance from a trainer." She dedicates the rest of the week's exercises to stretching. 


At the end of the video, she reveals a Silver YouTube Play Button, an award for hitting 100,000 subscribers on the platform. As of writing, she has almost 350,000. Go Juls! 


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