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Julia Barretto's Prank Call To Joshua Garcia Is Making Us Crazy Kilig

The cutest ever!
PHOTO: Instagram/garciajoshuae

Our new favorite love team, Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto, made us laugh and cry (so hard) with their recent Star Cinema hit rom-com, Love You To The Stars And Back. And now, they're giving us even more kilig with this new candid phone call. In Julia's recent guesting on the radio show, Heartbeats with DJ Chacha, Julia was tasked to prank Joshua, who just happened to finish taping for his teleserye.

After a few tries, the call finally went through and what we were left with was an adorably flirty and hilarious conversation that we wanna replay over and over again! Here are some snippets of their call:

Julia: "Baba, I'm not okay."

Joshua: "Why? What happened?"

Julia: "I just don't feel fine, and I'm so hungry."

Joshua: "Oh sh*t, I wish I was there."

Julia: "Baba, come home na."

Joshua: "Yes. I will, Baba. I will."

Julia: "Baba, I want lechon."

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Joshua: "Oh sh*t, meron dito."

Julia: "There's lechon there? I want, uhmno, no, I don't want lechon. I don't want to eat a pig."

Joshua: "[Laughs] Your family! Your family!"

Julia: "Baba, I'm sad na nga, you're saying I'm a pig pa!"


Julia: "Baba, I want to cheat on my diet."

Joshua: "... You want Emilio?"

Julia: "[Laughter] BABA! BABA! BABAAA! Stop saying that!"


Julia: "What can I eat kaya? It's making me sad na."

Joshua: "May lechon dito. Gusto mo ba?"

Julia: "Yes."

Joshua: "Baka ako lang gusto mo."

Julia: "AHHHH!!!"

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