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A Timeline Of Jun Ji Hyun And Choi Jun Hyuk's Relationship

Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Jin Hyuk's relationship timeline

In recent K-entertainment news, a YouTube channel claimed that actress Jun Ji Hyun and her businessman husband Choi Jun Hyuk have been living separately for six months, and are already preparing for divorce. But Ji Hyun's camp was quick to respond and said that everything in the video was completely false—which just means that the two are still together and are living a happy married life!

So, in case you, like a lot of us, have questions about this lovely couple, we have the answers for you!

A timeline of Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Jun Hyuk's relationship

December 2011 - Jun Ji Hyun's agency confirms that she's in a relationship

J&CO. Entertainment, who managed Ji Hyun at the time, announced that she was dating Choi Jun Hyuk, a banker and the grandson of the famous hanbok designer, Lee Young Hee. They also mentioned in their statement that the two were actually friends before they fell in love with each other! Reports say that Jun Hyuk is "extremely good looking and tall" and has a classic fashion sense—pretty much like Ji Hyun. What a beautiful couple! <3

April 2012 - Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Hyuk get married

Wedding bells are ringing! The couple tied the knot at the luxurious Shilla Hotel in Seoul (Fun fact: A lot of famous celebrity pairs, like the #SongSong couple, have held their weddings here) and they invited a number of A-listers on their special day. This includes Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hye Sooand Lee Young Ae, among others. 


In a press con prior to their wedding, Ji Hyun shared that she grew up with Jun Hyuk in the same neighborhood and they've known each other since elementary school. However, they never really got the chance to become that close. They met again years after and got to know each other more. Kilig

P.S: It was also reported that they developed their feelings when Ji Hyun took care of Jun Hyuk when he was ill. Awww!

Ji Hyun also revealed how Jun Hyuk proposed to her: When he asked her to go on a date, Jun Hyuk said that she should also bring her passport. Of course, our queen was quite confused and she asked him why, and Jun Hyuk responded that they have to go ~somewhere~. Little did she know, he would be taking her to Japan to put a ring on her finger! #SanaAll

And oh, a month before they got married, Jun Hyuk's halmeoni (grandmother) described Ji Hyun as an "elegant and cool person" in a TV show. She also added that they're a perfect match since they have the same religion.

February 2013 - Jun Ji Hyun talks about her dates with her husband

The actress made a guest appearance in KBS' Star Date where she shared that they always go on dates. Their fave place to spend time together? The movie theater! The show's host then asked her if she feels uneasy whenever people stare at them when they're outside. Ji Hyun said that they had to hide before but now that they're married, it doesn't bother her anymore

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July 2015 - Jun Ji Hyun announces that she's having a baby

During this time, Ji Hyun was already 10 weeks pregnant! She was busy filming her movie, Assassination, too. According to a source, she hid her pregnancy so that it wouldn't "steal the spotlight" for the film's various promotions. It was also said that she attended around 50 interviews even though she was already expecting! By the last week of October 2015, she went on maternity leave to prepare for her delivery.

February 2016 - Jun Ji Hyun welcomes her first child

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy on February 10 after being married to Jun Hyuk for four years.

June 2017 - Jun Ji Hyun's agency confirms that she's pregnant with her second child

In a statement, Ji Hyun's label,  Culture Depot announced: “She is currently at 10 weeks. She is being very careful right now because she is in the beginning stages of her pregnancy. It is great news, so please give her your blessings.”

January 2018 - Jun Ji Hyun gives birth to her second bundle of joy

Ji Hyun eomma adds another son to her family! It was reported that she welcomed her second child at 6 p.m. KST on January 26.

June 2021 - Rumors about Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Jun Hyuk's divorce spreads on the internet

The couple's relationship has been pretty lowkey throughout the years—that's why everyone was shocked when Garo Sero Institute claimed in a live stream that they were about to file for divorce. In the video, the hosts said that Ji Hyun doesn't agree with this as it will create a big impact on her career. A day after the clip was posted, her agency announced that they will be taking legal action against those who are spreading false information.


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