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Literally Just Videos Of Jung Hae In Eating Really, Really Well

He can handle spicy food!

There's something so satisfying about watching people enjoy food—why do you think mukbangers are poppin' up all over YouTube? And while he doesn't exactly identify as one, watching Jung Hae In is equally gratifying.

ICYDK, the actor starred in his own travel variety show called Jung Hae In’s Travel Log. He and his friends, Eun Jong Gun and Lim Hyun Soo, explored everything New York has to offer—including the spectacular eats. 

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In Episode 1, Hae In stops by Halal Guys, and if you've ever tried their hot sauce, you *know* it's got quite the kick. After a few bites, he quips, "I see why this is called soul food. It wakes up my soul." Guys, medyo nanginginig na siya towards the end, haha!

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Though he's had Shake Shack before, his travel log shows him trying it for the first time in the States naman. Three whole burgers for the full experience: a ShackBurger (basic cheeseburger), 'Shroom Burger (crispy, fried portobello mushroom with cheese), and a combination of the two, which is the Shack Stack. 

This next video from Episode 2 is of him drinking a cold beer at a bar located inside Grand Central Station. He looked so good doing it that it might as well be a commercial! Perhaps the cutest thing about this video, though, is being asked if he's old enough to drink! With a laugh, Hae In answers, "Yes! I am 32."

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In Episode 5, we're treated to another mini mukbang as they try food from Smorgasburg Brooklyn, a popular food market in New York. This time, Hae In is able to handle the heat as he takes several bites out of a hot chicken burger. Hyun Soo, on the other hand, he tries to play it cool but eventually says, "It's deadly hot." They also enjoy some skewered shrimp and grilled corn.

To end the day, the trio head to Brooklyn Brewery for another round of beer. After taking his first sip, Hae In doesn't speak for what feels like an eternity. He takes a sip of each beer and passes it to his friends. Eventually, he reveals his for the night: The Brooklyn Lager. 

In Episode 6, the boys go to a Korean mart to shop for ingredients for dinner. They get a little carried away with the meat, grabbing some pork neck, barbecue, thin flank, and chuck tail. Hae In also buys ramyeon, dumplings, lemons, and more. Back home, he starts by preparing tteokbokki and then slices fish cakes. In a pot, he cooks both in gochujang, and honestly, we're now having major cravings.

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Of course, Hae In did more than just eat his way through New York. One of our favorite moments from the show was when he enjoyed the view from the Empire State Building, saying, "I feel like I'm in a dream. It's like I'm in a futuristic city from a sci-fi movie." He loved it so much, he didn't want to experience it alone, so he called video called his parents. Isn't that the sweetest thing?! 

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