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This Ben&Ben Song Is The *Perfect* Soundtrack For Deok Sun And Jung Hwan's 'Reply 1988' Story

'Was there a lifetime waiting for us, in a world where I was yours?'

ICYMI, OPM song "Lifetime" is inspired by a YouTube comment on one of Ben&Ben's music videos, which told the story of two best friends who had feelings for each other but never had the courage to say the words out loud. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's EXACTLY like Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol) and Deok Sun's (Hyeri) storyline in Reply 1988. 

"Lifetime" is a perfect OST for their *tragic* love story because the lyrics are sooo on point! "I was scared to lose you then/ But secrets turn into regrets/ Buried feelings grow/ Oh, you were a good dream." It's totally something Jung Hwan would say. 

K-drama fan pages and YouTubers have been creating different music video versions of the pair's ~friendship~, with "Lifetime" as the background music. They include all the iconic Deok Sun and Jung Hwan moments: that scene where he waited for her in the rain, the time they went to a concert and took a photo, and even that sad moment when Jung Hwan *accepted* defeat. 


Reply 1988, which was first aired in 2015, tells the story of five childhood friends and their families who all live in the same neighborhood. Even though Jun Yeol and Hyeri ended up dating IRL, their characters' Reply 1988 ending is still the biggest "what if" for a lot of K-drama fans. Walang mag mo-move on! 

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