K-Pop Girl Group Red Velvet Answers: Why Is 'Bad Boy' Such A Hit?

Red Velvet talks about their hit single 'Bad Boy' at KCON 2018.
PHOTO: Youtube/Billboard

Every time I come around, another bad boy down...is all we've been singing this week! Red Velvet surprised fans at the 2018 KCON when they sang the second verse of their hit single, "Bad Boy," in English. Take a look:

Billboard caught up with the K-pop girl group to talk about why "Bad Boy" is so loved by international fans.

Joy started, "Honestly, when we first heard the demo, we didn't think our fans would like it this much. But to our surprise, they like it a lot. I think the reason was the powerful image we portrayed as the concept of the album as opposed to the cute concepts we've shown in the past."

"Bad Boy" was made by The Stereotypes, a R&B, hip hop, and dance production company. Wendy noted that, according to The Stereotypes, "Bad Boy's" music style is a combination of the '80s and '90s, which is another reason why the fans like it. 

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