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This Adorably Wacky Photo Of Kathryn Bernardo From The ABS-CBN Ball Is Going Viral

''Sup, bro?'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Mark Jesalva, (RIGHT) Twitter/pjpoknat

We love it whenever we see glam photos of our favorite celebs, but it's even more fun when we see them being their *real* selves for the camera! During the recent ABS-CBN Ball, Box Office Kween Kathryn Bernardo graced us with a super cute photo featuring one of our favorite posesthe ever-reliable peace sign:  

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The photo, which as of this writing has 6.5k reactions and 1.6k shares, is super relatable to people online! Some of the comments and captions include: "Pose ng mga lalaki tuwing magpapa-picture," "'Sup my bro," "Me in all pics," and "A 24/7 mood!" They've also been commenting "ultimate Dalagang Pilipina."

"Kathryn showing us anaphase," says @pjpoknat on Twitter. It's kinda technical, but if you remember your high school biology, "anaphase" is when two sets of chromosomes divide and move apart! 

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, I stan Kathryn Bernardo as a modern Katipunera, trying to break the glass ceiling of patriarchy and fearlessly fighting to stop toxic masculine norms such as misogyny, domestic violence, and homophobia." 

A true Dalagang Pilipina, everyone: 

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I wish I looked more like this when doing wacky shots, TBH! BRB, gonna bask in Kath's other gorgeous wacky and candid photos: 

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