Kendall Jenner Is Officially Dating Rapper A$AP Rocky

Girl has found luuuurve.

Kendall Jenner is no longer the single pringle we all strive to be. She has betrayed us all by finding love. Damnit. 

According to a source who chatted with US Weekly, Kendall Jenner and rapper A$AP Rocky are properly, officially, full-on dating. They're a thing. An item. They're on courting terms, as adults say. 

Rumors have been flying around about Kendall and A$AP Rocky (real name Rakim Meyers, if you were wondering) for a while now, after they were spotted together on multiple occasions. People started talking about a potential dating thing back in February, when A$AP attended Kendall's PacSun launch in New York. 

In June, they were seen getting dinner in Paris. In July, Kendall watched A$AP perform at Panorama Festival. 

They also stood next to each other while posing for a photo at Kanye's YEEZY Season 3 launch, which—looking back—should have been a clear sign that they were a thing. 

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But now an anonymous source has made it semi-official. They told US Weekly: "It's the real deal." Right then. 

Obviously neither Kendall nor A$AP have confirmed their relationship, but they're both quite private people. We didn't expect either of them to be covering their Instagrams with loved-up selfies (although we hope that now the cat's out of the bag, we might see some cutesy stuff). 

Kendall has previously been linked to (but was never confirmed to be dating) basketball player Jordan Clarkson, Harry Styles, and Drake. A$AP Rocky, meanwhile, previously dated Chanel Iman

He also once had a thing with Rita Ora and proceeded to slut-shame her in the lyrics of his song "Better Things" for revealing that he'd cheated on Chanel Iman with her. Which is a massive dick move. Hopefully he's learned from that, because Kendall Jenner is way too good for a cheating knobhead with no respect for women. 

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