Kendall Jenner Pulled A Kim Kardashian And Went Topless On IG

Free the nipple, TBH.
PHOTO: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner is walking in the illustrious and often-naked footsteps of Kim Kardashian before her. The supermodel hit up her Instagram Stories to post a NSFW photo of herself topless, with just some ice cream emojis covering her nipples. Said ice cream cones presumably have something to do with the anti-nipple policy on many social media platforms, so on that note: Free the nipple, Instagram!

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Several things: 1) Kendall looks amazing per usual, 2) I want ice cream, 3) Where do I get that leotard, 4) Women shouldn't have to censor their bodies!

P.S. At press time, it was unclear whether or not Kendall was planning to dip herself into molding putty and create a perfume based on her body shape à la Kim.

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