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Throwback: 10 Kim Bum And Kim So Eun Moments From 'Boys Over Flowers'

kim bum and kim so eun scenes boys over flowers

Boys Over Flowers, the Korean adaptation of Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden, was first aired in 2009. Aside from the main couple (Lee Min Ho and Ku Hye Sun), audiences grew to love second leads Yi Jung and Ga Eul, the characters played by Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. Rich potter Yi Jung is determined to live his life as a playboy who doesn't believe in happy endings, while Ga Eul is a firm believer in soulmates! He never really admitted that he liked her because he had rules for himself such as "not dating a nice girl." He was always whisking her away and while he came off as a bit of a paasa at first, they of course had a happy ending.


It's 2020 but people are still asking for a spinoff series! Their love team was so popular that they starred in many commercials such as the Anycall Bodyguard mobile phone, and they even have fan-made videos and fanfics all over the internet. 

Here's a list of Ga Eul and Yi Jung's cutest moments from the show:  

1. When Ga Eul was crying in the middle of the street after getting her heart broken and Yi Jung tried to comfort her, but he only made her cry harder! Since both of them were having a bad day, they went to a party and Yi Jung told everyone she "stole his heart," right in front of her ex. That's when she fell for him—hard.


2. When she just watched him while he created a pot. We get you, Ga Eul. Charming artists make our hearts melt, too. 

3. When he saved her from getting run over while skiing and Ga Eul lay there, smiling in the snow. 

4. When they pretended to go on a date to get Jun Pyo and Jan Di to spend some time together. They even went ice skating and he arranged a fireworks show for her. 

5. When she asked him out for real and he brutally turned her down. And then, he got mad at himself for being so mean to her! 

6. When Yi Jung asked her out on a date just to prove that he hadn't changed, and then he flirted with other girls the whole time (dude, why?). He took her out to dinner with his playboy dad and she threw a glass of water at Yi Jung's face because he was totally out of line.  

7. When she finally called him out on all his BS: "Sunbae, you are a liar, a whiner, and an absolute coward...I now know that So Yi Jung's mighty and cool side is just a mask. But the So Yi Jung I like is like a child that is scared to lose love." Good for you, Ga Eul! 

8. When they almost kissed but were interrupted by Ga Eul's ringing phone. The caller, as it turned out, was Ga Eul's eomma

9. When she showed him the hidden message from his first love, which could only be seen during the sunrise. 

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10. When she became a preschool teacher and he came back for her many years later, just like he said he would! 

Boys Over Flowers is currently available for streaming on Netflix and Viu. 


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