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Kim And Khloe Kardashian Answered Kim Chiu's Questions On IG Live

Our local Kimmy was left SHOOKT.
PHOTO: Instagram/chinitaprincess

It was around midnight two nights ago when Kim Kardashian went on Instagram Live for the very first time. Among Kim's 170k ++ viewers streaming her car ride in New York with sister Khloe Kardashian was a not-so-subtly starstruck Pinay actress Kim Chiu.

Our local Kimmy sent a series of comments and questions to Kim Kgreeting her a Happy Mother's day, giving a shout-out from the Philippines, wanting to know if she has plans to visit the country, and asking diet tips from Khloe!

And yes, Kim and Khloe did notice her commentsthrice. Kim K said she would love to go to the Philippines after seeing some posts of her friend's stay in the country. Khloe, on her part, revealed that she's been horrible with her diet now that's she's eating like a "pig on steroids." Her words. LOLS

This exchange led to Kim Chiu fangirling real hard on Twitter:

Same, girl. Same.

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Some of @chinitaprincess' lurking followers even snapped some of her posts on IG Live. Here are the receipts:

Watch the whole Insta Live vid below to get the full scoop!

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