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After Kim Soo Hyun's Cameo, Will There Be A Second Season Of 'Hotel Del Luna?'

Please make this happen! 
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Hotel Del Luna, the supernatural romance drama starring IU and Yeo Jin Goo, aired its 16th and final episode on September 1, 2019. The drama tells the story of hotel owner Man-wol (IU) and the new manager she employs, Chan-seong (Jin Goo). This hotel isn't like any other hotel: Its guests are the souls of the dead who are lost or have unfinished business in the real world! For a price, the staff of Hotel Del Luna helps them resolve these issues so that they can move on to the afterlife.  

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For its finale, the K-drama featured a much-anticipated cameo appearance from actor Kim Soo Hyun. This is one of Soo Hyun's very first TV appearances after getting discharged from the military in July 2019

Even though he only appeared for 60 precious seconds, Soo Hyun's cameo sparked speculations that a second season of Hotel Del Luna is in the works! After all, *Spoiler Alert* Soo Hyun's character is the new owner of the hotel. At the very end of the drama, he announces that Hotel Del Luna—now called Hotel Blue Moon—is open for business. 

Watch his epic entrance here: 

According to Soompi, a source from tvN network said that they haven't discussed a second season...yet! "It's difficult for us to give an answer on whether there will be a second season or not because the staff hasn't ever discussed the possibility of a second season…We believe this is an expression of our viewers' love and support for the drama so we are grateful for it."

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The show's writers, Hong sisters Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, also shared during an interview"It's not that we have concrete plans for a second season. It was to showcase that there was still a space, now called Hotel Blue Moon, for ghosts to come and rest...As Hotel Del Luna has had a female owner until now, we thought that it would be fun to switch to a male owner."

What we're getting from this is that they're definitely not closing the doors regarding a second season, so there's hope, you guys!  

While we're waiting for a *possible* second season, listen to the show's theme song below: 

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