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Yup, Kisses Delavin Has Been Joining Beauty Pageants Since She Was Three Years Old

Best Kisses Delavin Facts And Trivia

Kisses Delavin, a fan-favorite Miss Universe Philippines candidate, has been one of the most adorable and *precious* young celebrities on TV, ever since she entered showbiz at only 17 years old. It's time to get to know Kisses a little better! 

Here's a bunch of facts about Kisses Delavin: 

1. Kisses is a miracle baby.

Kisses was born on May 1, 1999, and her mom had eight pregnancies before she was born. During an episode of Magandang Buhay, Kisses talked about how close she is to her parents, Carrie and Gilbert Delavin. "Close na close po ako sa parents ko kasi para ko silang best friends. Kasi kami lang po tatlo talaga sa family, it's just me, Mommy, and Daddy. So close na close kami, para kaming mga barkada lang po." 

kisses delavin pageant throwback photos

2. Kisses studied at DLSU! 

In 2016, Kisses was an accountancy student at De La Salle University (DLSU), and she took a break from studying when she joined showbiz. She went back to school in May 2019, and according to Philstar, she is taking up a business course. Kisses talked about "preparing to graduate" in November 2020 in an Instagram post

kisses delavin college

3. Kisses officially joined showbiz in 2016 by becoming a Pinoy Big Brother housemate. 

Introduced as the "Miracle Daughter Ng Masbate," Kisses was eventually named the Second Lucky Big Placer after she garnered 31.27 percent of the votes! Watch her first moments inside the "bahay ni kuya" here: 

4. She celebrated her 18th birthday in 2017. 

Kisses' debut celebration took place at Makati Shangri-La and she wore the prettiest pink Francis Libiran gown. 

5. She keeps all her fan mail in suitcases. 

In 2019, Kisses posted a photo of herself surrounded by letters on Instagram, writing in the caption: "HI DEAREST SUPPORTERS, I KEEP YOUR EVERY LETTER BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND YOU’RE THE SWEETEST." No wonder her fans love her!

kisses delavin fan mail
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6. Kisses has been joining pageants since she was three years old. 

In a 2018 interview with ABS-CBN, Kisses said: "Mahilig ako mag-pageant. My first pageant was when I was three years old. Since bata ako, mahilig na ako." During her first day at the Pinoy Big Brother house, Kisses shared that she joined beauty pageants all over Masbate and Bicol.

kisses delavin miss universe philippines throwback photo

She was hailed Miss Teen Masbate 2013 and Miss Kaogma 2016, and is now vying for the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 crown. 

kisses delavin miss universe philippines swimsuit

7. Vice Ganda is a testament to how gullible and super-kind Kisses is.

In 2018, Vice Ganda talked about a funny moment while filming their movie Fantastica. According to Vice, "Minsan napupunta siya sa eksena na hindi naman dapat." In the movie, they were in a fight scene with Bela Padilla's villainous character, and Kisses, who was supposed to be one of the "good guys," kept agreeing with what she was saying! "Kasi Mommy Vice, kawawa talaga si Ate Bela doon," Kisses explained. 

Watch Vice tell the hilarious story here: 

8. She is also very "matatakutin" to the point where people even prank her on shows.

Grabe sila kay Kisses! 

9. Kisses says she's never had a boyfriend! 

Yup, our girl is a certified NBSB, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had crushes *wink wink*. During her PBB days, Kisses opened up about having a crush on fellow housemate Marco GalloShe has also never fallen in love! During a 2018 guesting on Gandang Gabi ViceKisses said: "Siguro infatuated lang." 

10. Her previous love team partner is Donny Pangilinan, and they were known as "DonKiss." 

The two appeared in the projects Walwal (2018), Fantastica (2018), and Playhouse (2018), as well as in many Tonight With Boy Abunda and Gandang Gabi Vice interviews together. Although rumored to be more than friends, Kisses and Donny's love team eventually ended in 2019.

Kisses said in an interview with Tito Boy: "I think na 'pag nagkita kami, we'll totally be friendly to each other pa rin, but we don't have upcoming projects [together] anymore. I think different na ang career path namin. I'm very thankful kasi naging masaya naman talaga ang DonKiss journey. Just because it ended doesn't mean it wasn't good."

In 2021, Donny also expressed his support for Kisses' Miss Universe PH journey, saying he wished her the best!

kisses delavin and donny pangilinan
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