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6 Pinay Celebrities Who Are *NBSB*

They're in no rush!

Finding meaningful relationships in life is important, but some people just choose not to rush the process, and that's totally fine. While some people may think that your worth as a person is reflected in romantic relationships, these celebrities are proof that that isn't the case. Whether it's because they're waiting for the right person or are just choosing to stay single, these stars have opened up about having no boyfriend since birth and have shown that being in a relationship isn't a prerequisite to finding success in life:

1.Kristel Fulgar

In an interview in 2016, actress and YouTube star Kristel Fulgar shared that she has never been in a relationship, even back in high school and college. Kristel shares it's primarily because she's always so busy with school and work back then. She also said that when it comes to relationships, she prefers the old-fashioned way of interacting in person instead of through text. 

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2. Christine Samson

Christine Samson first appeared in the noon-time show It's Showtime, but she's since become a social media star with an avid following. She even got interviewed by Boy Abunda, where shared that she's never had a boyfriend since birth. When asked why that is, she says, "Parang choice ko lang din po." 

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3. Kisses Delavin

Just because you've been single your whole life doesn't mean you aren't allowed to develop feelings for other people, as seen through PBB star Kisses Delavin. Even though Kisses bears the NBSB status, she isn't afraid to be transparent about her feelings, especially during her PBB days when she bravely opened up about having a crush on fellow housemate Marco Gallo on national television. 

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4. Sharlene San Pedro

Even though she's in her 20s now, Sharlene San Pedro is not in a rush to get a boyfriend. In one interview, Sharlene explains that getting into a romantic relationship isn't her focus at the moment. Instead, she wants to focus on her work as an actress and her responsibilities as a student first.  

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5. Miles Ocampo

Staying single is also a choice for fellow Goin' Bulilit star Miles Ocampo, and that's something she'll stand by regardless of how much pressure she gets from others. "Parang yung iba po kasing tao, pine-pressure nila ako na, 'Mag-jowa ka na.' Darating po 'yan sa tamang panahon," Miles says in an interview with Boy Abunda.

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6. Sanya Lopez

Finding a boyfriend isn't on the priority list for actress Sanya Lopez. In a 2019 interview, she shared that she's very thankful for the work she's been getting in showbiz and wanted to focus on that first. At that time, Sanya was set to star in the GMA teleserye Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig.

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