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14 Korean Drama Oppas That Remind You Of Guys IRL

Almost all of them make 'moving on' impossible.
PHOTO: (JOON JAE) The Legend Of The Blue Sea/SBS (KIM SHIN) Goblin/TVN

We all have different reasons why we're obsessed with Korean dramas, but one thing's for sure: The oppas in the series will be part of that looong list. Maybe, they're just so damn hot or impossibly cute, but more than that, they remind you of the men in your life—the keepers and the ones you wish hadn't fallen for.

Ahn Min-Hyuk from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

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Jung Joon Hyung from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

They remind you of: The Adorable Boyfriend

He's your number one fan, and you feel so lucky to have someone so reliable to lean on. Bonus: He's beyond adorable when he can't hide his kilig for you! You have him right under your spell, and it’s so obvious with the way he makes lambing.

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Gook Doo from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Baek In Ho from Cheese in the Trap

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They remind you of: The Hopelessly Friend-Zoned Guy

There may have been some spark in the past, but you're sure your relationship with him is 100% platonic now. You do regret not liking him back, especially with all his ligaw efforts. However, you know you'd rather stay friends and never lose him.

Yoo Jung from Cheese in the Trap

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Eun Hwan-Ki from My Shy Boss

They remind you of: The Mysterious Man

You can't figure him out, and it just drives you crazy! Does he like you? Is he mad? Did you do something wrong? What is on his mind? Usually, he's extremely introverted or has very particular tastes, so just be patient and ~*communicate.*~ You'll figure him out soon enough.

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Yoo So Joon from Tomorrow With You

Joon Jae from Legend of the Blue Sea

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They remind you of: The Presko Dude

Charming, full of surprises, and maybe even borderline arrogant—these are the guys you'd encounter (and be in awe of) every once in awhile. In other words: Ang lakas ng dating nila. Word of caution: they don't really change.

Cho Seok from Sound of Your Heart

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He reminds you of: The Funny Partner

He's the type of lover who will do anything in his power to make you happy—or at least make you laugh. He's a great catch with his cheerful personality and knack for jokes and gags that could make you cry tears from LOL. There's virtually never a dull moment—he makes sure of it.

Kim Shin from Goblin

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He reminds you of: A Unicorn

He loves devotedly. He gives you everything you need (and makes you realize the difference between needs and wants). He can be funny, sweet, serious—whatever you desire. He has this uncanny ability to make you melt with his eyes. He's so handsome you can't even. WHERE DO WE FIND SUCH PERFECTION?!

Grim Reaper from Goblin

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He reminds you of: The One That Got Away

He is ready to give you whatever you ask from him. He will gladly sacrifice himself just for your happiness. He is always armed with the most perfect lines to make you kilig, and he never gets tired of telling you how beautiful you are. Haba ng hair mo! But for whatever reason, you had to let him go. It just wasn't meant to be…in this lifetime, at least. Maybe when you get reincarnated...

Prince Wang So from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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He reminds you of: The Seloso

Sure, it was cute when you were just starting out, but his possessiveness can become so annoying and suffocating that it can be the reason why you break up. Deep down, you know he truly loves you, but sometimes, it just doesn't work out.

Prince Wang Wook from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

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He reminds you of: The Fuccboi

At first, he's the picture of perfection. He's caring and considerate, and you love spending time with him. You think you have him wrapped around your finger and he'll never betray you. He promises #mayforever if you just wait for the right time…and that "right time" is too late. NEVER. TRUST. A. FUCCBOI.

Ko Dong-Man from Fight for My Way

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He reminds you of: The Friend-Slash-Prospect

He's the friend you’ve had for so long—tropa through and through. He knows when to lecture you, when to defend you, when you need a shoulder to cry on, and when to tease you. It's too early to tell, but there might be a chance you'll be more than friends soon and be that epic couple everyone admires. Exciting, right? Omo!

Who came to mind when you read about these K-drama oppas? Uyyy!

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