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Kris Aquino Proves It's Never Too Late To Join The BTS Army

'How can I not love them?'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bts.bighitofficial, (RIGHT) Instagram/krisaquino

Over the past few days, "Queen of All Media" Kris Aquino has been posting about her newfound love for K-Pop, specifically Korean superstar group BTS. The 46-year-old celebrity took to Instagram to express her fascination with the popular group following their onstage appearance at the recent American Music Awards.

In her post, Kris raved about the group’s performance, but what really stood out for her was the Gucci jacket one of the members wore in the high-adrenaline song and dance routine. She wrote, “Am I too old to join the @bts.bighitofficial #btsarmy? I was late in discovering them, honestly I got interested after their AMA awards performance because of their GUCCI outfits. Then I watched them in Ellen & Jimmy Kimmel on @youtube and I bought their album on iTunes.”


She further admitted, “I’ve never really watched Koreanovelas, [or] been interested in K-Pop (actually I’m really a Taylor, Demi, Selena, and though she’s not of their age bracket Kelly Clarkson fan—so basically I really love the girls) BUT I now love #BTS, repeat mode now: #BESTOFME.”

In another post, Kris shared in detail how the Gucci jacket worn by one of BTS' members led her to love the group even more:

She wrote, “#btsarmy this is how it all started for me—binalik balikan ko this jacket online because I kept debating whether to buy or not—but practicality won—sobrang mahal talaga and I just couldn’t justify the purchase. Then came @bts.bighitofficial on the AMA awards and I saw my dream @gucci jacket! So I started watching their performance closely. First I got impressed by their moves—I can barely walk without tripping or falling and I can’t dance to save my soul. Then I realized ang gaganda ng boses nila! So after watching the AMA performance more than 10 times, I watched them on Ellen & Jimmy Kimmel—then I bought their albums. After listening and reading the English translation (I’m a lyrics freak)—in no particular order, I love "Serendipity," "Best of Me," "Her," "Love is Not Over," "I Need U," "Butterfly," "Autumn Leaves," and "Am I Wrong." P.S. Now listening to MAMA—this tribute to Moms is making me love them even more. “Because you gave selflessly to me, Because you were my support, Now you can believe in your son, you can smile...” How can I not love them? Proud member #btsarmy (question when will they perform in Tokyo, Bangkok, or Singapore? I’ll FLY to watch them!)”

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The fascination didn’t end there for the self-proclaimed “oldest member of the army.” Just like a true fan, Kris upped her fangirling when she found out the group is sponsoring a UNICEF campaign called #EndViolence. The #kilig is real. Who can blame her?


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