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Kris Aquino Reveals The Reason Why She Broke Up With Fiance Mel Sarmiento

"I want to spare myself and my loved ones from further rumors and speculation."
Kris Aquino confirms breakup with Mel Sarmiento
PHOTO: Instagram/krisaquino

It's the end of the road for Kris Aquino and her fiancé Mel Sarmiento.

The Queen of All Media spoke out after news of their breakup started circulating online, following netizens noticing that she deleted all traces of Mel on her Instagram.

In a carousel of photos, Kris released her official statement, explaining that the main reason for the fallout is her deteriorating health. Accordingly, Kris is battling an incurable autoimmune condition, which caused her to lose weight drastically. She's also flying abroad soon for further treatment. 

Kris Aquino battles health condition

She writes, "Sa pinagdadaanan ko ngayon, may tao bang gustong pagusapan pa ang kanyang paghihiwalay? But in order for me to be able to peacefully move on, and focus on myself and my health because my sons still need me, Kuya Josh has autism, and Bimb will only turn 18 in three years, three months, and 16 days, I must end this chapter."

In addition to the lengthy caption, Kris has also attached screenshots of her conversation with the former DILG secretary, whom she was supposed to meet on January 4th for an RT-PCR test.

In an excerpt of it, Mel wrote, "I'm worried about your situation and what you've texted me. I did pack up, bringing with me clothes up to the 4th of January where we are supposed to have our RT-PCR test. But I came to realize that I might further put you at risk given that I went to the mall the other day to buy a phone and went out again yesterday for a haircut.

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"I also went to Uniqlo to buy some clothes before I went back to Jody's. I'm not sure if the people that I had close contact with at the mall, especially my barber is negative or not, and this can only be confirmed if I do a test on the 4th day and this is day one for me since I got exposed to people in the mall.

"I'm reminded of what you're doctor cousin told me, the responsibility of making sure you don't get covid given your autoimmune. That's the reason I decided not to proceed there because I might further put you at risk and I don't want to be blamed for it."

"I already have a bubble fatigue"

Based on the text message, it looks like Mel has agreed to Kris' offer that they go separate ways, explaining that he couldn't bring himself to continue living in a bubble, given that it's necessary for his fiancée's health situation.


He says, "Given my nature, who loves to go out, I accept the fact that I already have bubble fatigue and I will not be able to, sad to say, be able to continue living in a bubble.

"On that note, with a heavy heart, I accepted your offer of letting me go. For I cannot in conscience be able to accept that something will happen to you brought about my going out of the bubble."

To end his message, Mel expressed his love. "I will always cherish in my heart the happy moments we had together. I do love you, but I guess this is goodbye for your life is of greatest importance given that you have Bimby and Josh to take care of. You will forever be in my heart."

Mel Sarmiento's text

Kris cleared out that this is the last time she'll ever speak on anything about Mel, saying "I still want to preserve whatever dignity I have left."

She also asks for privacy at the time, as she continues to fight for her health. Mel, however, has yet to release an official statement.


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