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Kris Bernal On Getting Scammed A Lot: 'I easily trust people kaya siguro madali akong maloko'

Being trusting can really backfire.
PHOTO: Instagram/krisbernal

ICYDK, early this month, Kris Bernal fell victim to 23 fake bookings on Grab—all in a day. According to the actress, the deliveries were addressed to her house by a Jen Jen Manalo, with astounding fees that Kris had to pay upon delivery.

That wasn't the first time that Kris was scammed. In September 2019, Kris' email, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts were hacked, and she received WhatsApp calls from the hackers coercing her to pay US$750 (approximately P37,762) to recover her accounts.

Yesterday, PEP got in touch with Kris to ask her thoughts on the matter. Kris seems to pin being scammed on how much she shares about herself on social media and for being a very trusting person.

"I think it's because my life is an open book," Kris is quoted as saying. "I share almost everything on social media. Not to get attention but to serve as an inspiration." But Kris has learned that there are bits of information she publicizes that scammers can use against her.


Kris also added, "I'm very approachable and I easily trust people, kaya siguro madali akong maloko. Pero I fight for what is right. Matapang ako sa ipinaglalaban ko."

As for the resolution of the previous scams, Kris not only reported the scammers to the respective platforms. She managed to get her fans and followers to help too. Grab told Kris that they would work with her and the riders for their investigation, and Kris was able to retrieve her accounts with the assistance of her former home network GMA.

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