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Omo! Kristel Fulgar Actually ~*Rented*~ An Oppa For Her Friend In South Korea

Sana all.
PHOTO: Instagram/kristelfulgar

Did you know that in Seoul, South Korea, tourists can hire a local to tour them around the city? That's exactly what vlogger, actress, and lover-of-all-things-Korean Kristel Fulgar did during her recent trip to the country, when she went for a short vacay with her mom and her close friend She Villanueva.

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In a vlog episode entitled "I Rented An Oppa For A Day," Kristel hired a personal tour guide as a surprise for She. They went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace to meet their *oppa for the day* Hoon Jeon, and She was totally caught off-guard! After the necessary ~introductions~, they took photos with She in a hanbok, rode bikes, and had a picnic at Hangang Park. All throughout the video, Kristeland her momkept shipping She and their guide! Now THAT is what we call a supportive friend.

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Since she started vlogging in 2018, Kristel has uploaded a Korean makeup tutorial, a video that explained how she learned to speak in Korean, and an episode about the Korean style of dating, among others.  

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